Free Beginner’s Guide to Birdsong

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Identifying birds by their song (and calls) is a wonderful skill to have and truly offers a window into another world.

In our seven day email course, you’ll learn the songs and calls of seven birds you can hear right here in Sussex.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify seven birds you are likely to hear in Sussex
  • Top tips on identifying the birds you hear singing
  • The different calls for each featured bird
  • More in-depth information on bird behaviour, habitat and history 

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Photo credit: Wren © Roger Wilmshurst


What will I get:
- Bite-size daily emails for one week

- A video for each birdsong
- Audio links for bird calls
- Access to more in-depth information

Wildlife expert, James Duncan, from Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Communities and Wildlife team will explain the songs and calls of each bird. His expertise and enthusiasm for birdsong will no doubt transform you into a keen birder!