Free Beginner’s Guide to the Butterflies of Sussex

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Sussex is one of the best areas of the UK to see butterflies, thanks to its diverse range of habitats. 

In our eight part email course, you’ll learn to identify 40 species of butterfly that you can find right here in Sussex.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify some of most special butterflies in our county
  • Top tips on how to spot each species 
  • Key information on butterfly behaviour, what plants they like and what environment you are most likely to see them

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Photo credit: Peacock butterfly © Roger Wilmshurst


What will I get:
A 15-20 minute video every day for 8 days

Michael Blencowe, from Sussex Wildlife Trust’s conservation team will talk you through each butterfly. His passion and enthusiasm for the species is sure to turn you into an avid butterfly spotter!